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furniture on top of carpet

In short, tufted carpet is when cut or looped carpet fibers poke through the carpet backing. The majority of wall-to-wall carpets on the market, or around 95%, are tufted carpets. Tufted style carpets are popular because they are cost-effective, have a fast production time, are durable, and are available in various styles.

The Process

This type of carpet gets its name from its signature tufts: clusters of yarn fibers woven through a piece of material. This material could be a natural fabric or a synthetic base. When the tufts come to the surface, they can be loops, making it a Berber carpet, or the loops can be sliced, making it a cut pile carpet. The last part of this process is adding a backing to the material that the fiber tufts run through. Then your carpet is complete.

How It’s Made

Although this process might seem long and tedious, it’s actually not because machines started doing all of the work beginning in the 1960s. Tufting machines can be programmed to create different types of carpets as well as different patterns, which contribute to fast and inexpensive production.

a chair with carpet

Finding the Right Option

When it comes to tufted carpets, there are so many different options. Tufting machines can create a carpet of one single color and a uniform height or a carpet of different heights that includes various vibrant colors. Because the category of tufted carpets is so broad, you'll be able to find whatever it is you are envisioning for your home.

In addition, most tufted carpets are treated with stain resistance before installation, making them more durable once inside your home. Tufted carpets come in such a wide variety of style and fiber options it makes your choices seem limitless. Whether you are shopping for an indoor space, an outdoor space, a master bedroom, or a living room, there is likely a tufted carpet option that is right for you.